ASTECO supplies products, machinery and a wide range of plants. The company renders services of technical assistance in order to produce and apply several products and technologies related to road infrastructures fields.

ASTECO offers comprehensive packages for bitumen emulsions and polymer modified bitumen production that include:

·    Feasibility study for production centers
·    Technical consultancy for designing of facilities
·    Commercial consultancy and support for machinery purchasing
·    Technical assistance for installation set-up and start-up
·    Study of raw materials and formulations design
·    Supply of chemical products (emulsifiers, additives, polymers, etc.)
·    Technical assistance for special road technology applications

ASTECO gives also advice to both Public and Private Entities in order to identify the best solutions for special pavements needs (coloured solutions for urban environments, treatments for asphalt pavements resistant to solvent action, anti-skid coloured surface for safety needs, etc…